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Poland opens 3.8–4.2 GHz to private networks

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The Polish regulator UKE has published its regulation for local enterprise networks.

Sweden completes spectrum auction

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Three operators won frequencies in 900 MHz, 2.1 GHz and 2.6 GHz bands.

Large 5G testbed launches in Northern Ireland

Local technology consortium Smart Nano NI is leading this initiative.

Save the date: 5G Observatory workshop on 26th October

The 5G Observatory will be holding its 5th Stakeholder Workshop online on Thursday, 26th October between 10:30 – 13:30.

Ericsson secures 6G research project with German funding

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The project is part of a €8.1 billion EU initiative to fund the development of microelectronics and communication technologies.

TIM claims first remote surgery using 5G

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The corneal surgery was completed successfully over a 5G connection at the Bari Polyclinic in Italy.

Spain to invest further €500 million into rural 5G

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The Spanish government intends to launch the funding call at the end of September.

Movistar becomes first operator to activate 26 GHz 5G spectrum in Spain

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Telefonica, operating in Spain as Movistar, has reportedly activated its first mmWave antennas in Valencia.

Huawei files a lawsuit against Portuguese 5G equipment ban

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Chinese technology company Huawei has filed a lawsuit at Lisbon Circle Administrative Court against a resolution that prevents operators from using “high-risk” equipment in 5G mobile networks.

Polish operator Plus expands 5G coverage

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The Polish mobile operator now reaches 20 million people with its 5G network.

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