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4iG promises to boost 5G investment

The Hungarian telecoms firm has signed an agreement the the Government to expand its network.

The parent company of Vodafone Hungary 4iG has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the government to strengthen its role in implementing the government’s national policies aimed at increasing domestic and international competitiveness, as well as its National Digitalisation Strategy (NDS).

As part of this agreement, the company has promised to invest 150 billion Hungarian Forint (around €400 million) in its mobile and landline networks by 2028. It says this investment will make gigabit-capable networks available to an additional 1.1 million households in Hungary.

“As a Hungarian infocommunications company, 4iG Group is at the forefront of introducing digital technologies and is the market leader in the field of domestic IT. The expertise accumulated in our companies, as well as our technological and infrastructural capabilities, allow us to play a decisive role in the implementation of the National Digitalisation Strategy,” says Jászai Gellért, president of the 4iG Group.

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