French regulator says number of 5G users doubles in Q4 2022

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The French telecoms regulator ARCEP says that three million people now use 5G networks in the country.

French regulator says 5G will reduce energy consumption

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The French regulator Arcep says that introducing 5G in the 3.6 GHz band will lead to reduced energy consumption when compared to a 4G-only network.

Nokia to launch private 5G network in French velodrome

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Nokia will deploy a 5G network at the 2022 TISSOT UCI Track World Championships.

Germany and France to fund private 5G projects

The German and French Governments have pledged €17.7 to fund four projects.

French regulator study finds EMF levels largely unchanged after 5G deployment

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The findings came from a study conducted by the French spectrum regulator ANFR.

French supreme court upholds 5G spectrum award

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France’s highest administrative court has ruled to uphold the country’s 5G auction award, after a challenge by environmental groups.

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