Fixed Wireless Access

Report: 455 operators have launched Fixed Wireless Access services

The Global Suppliers Association (GSA) says that while the majority of these operators are using 4G, the number deploying 5G has also grown.

Three Austria launches standalone 5G home broadband services

The Austrian operator says it will use network slicing to offer 5G home broadband services in the country.

Vodafone Italy to cover 3 million homes with 5G home broadband by 2023

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IN : EU Digital Decade

The mobile operator says its 5G FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) service is now available in 1,500 municipalities.

Telenor Norway launches 5G TV service

The Norwegian telecommunications company has launched a new TV service that uses 5G fixed wireless access instead of relying on wired broadband.

Report: Fixed Wireless Access could become 5G “killer app”

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) will experience rapid growth in the United States, according to consulting firm Global Data.

O2 Czechia launches 5G for home internet

The Czech operator O2 has announced a new 5G wifi modem for mobile broadband customers which aims to reach underserved areas.

Deutsche Telekom tests hybrid 5G home internet

Deutsche Telekom is offering a 5G home internet service to a small sample of existing customers

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