THE Gigabit Society

The 2016 Gigabit Society policy set out a vision for connectivity in the EU over the next decade, stimulating the high-capacity networks needed to grow the digital economy.

By 2025 the major targets are 100 Mbps networks for all households; gigabit connectivity for key businesses and institutions; uninterrupted 5G coverage for all urban areas and major transport paths; and access to mobile data everywhere. Read more here.

Report: Fixed Wireless Access could become 5G “killer app”

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) will experience rapid growth in the United States, according to consulting firm Global Data.

O2 Czechia launches 5G for home internet

The Czech operator O2 has announced a new 5G wifi modem for mobile broadband customers which aims to reach underserved areas.

Deutsche Telekom says 63,000 antennas now transmitting 5G

The German telco says this is a faster deployment than previous mobile generations.

Deutsche Telekom tests hybrid 5G home internet

Deutsche Telekom is offering a 5G home internet service to a small sample of existing customers

South Korea leads in 5G rollout, followed by China and Japan

This was one of the key takeaways from the third 5G Observatory workshop, which also highlighted green issues and the need to reconsider geographic coverage.

5G Observatory stakeholder workshop taking place this Thursday

Titled 5G in the Digital Decade, the virtual workshop will review findings from the previous report and look ahead to the latest market trends and global developments.

Nokia restarts O-RAN Alliance work

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Nokia has resumed its technical contribution to the O-RAN alliance after the group announced assurances its work complied with US regulation.

UK Government launches competition to boost 5G rollout

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The UK government has launched a £4m pound competition that will explore ways to make it easier for mobile operators to deploy 5G infrastructure on public street furniture such as lampposts and bus shelters.

Orange starts testing Fixed Wireless Access in Galcia

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Spanish operator Orange has begun testing a Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) network in partnership with Ericsson.

Telefonica and NEC announce open RAN trials in Spain, Germany, the UK and Brazil

Telefonica and NEC have announced the launch of an Open-RAN live pilot in four global markets.

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