5G Observatory Report 19 – October 2023

A PDF version of the latest report can be found here. A PowerPoint version of the latest scoreboard can be found here.

Key developments

The 19th 5G Observatory report (downloadable in full here) covers all the latest developments towards EU 5G targets and policies, as well as international trends.

The latest report covers several new 5G developments across the European Union. In particular, it takes account of three major national spectrum auctions in Estonia, Sweden and Poland. The report also summarises recent policy developments and efforts by the European Commission to improve the 5G Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for measuring 5G progress. The report also features an exploration discussing the relevance and feasibility of monitoring the deployment of standalone 5G in the European Union. This editorial charts current progress in 5G SA rollout, and considers the relevance of 5G SA towards achieving EU Digital Decade goals.

In addition to the newly published report, the online sections of the 5G Observatory website have now been updated. These include the interactive European 5G scoreboard, as well as the interactive International Scoreboard.


European Scoreboard

International scoreboard

Full report – Click to download

Updated website sections

In order to keep the 5G Observatory reports as concise as possible, some sections are now viewable online. These sections are updated in line with new bi-annual reports.

Latest News in Europe

Emerging operator 1&1 to launch OpenRAN network

The German company says it will launch its own network on December 8th.

EU 5G and 6G funding initiative announces 2024 work programme

The Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) programme earmarks €129 million in funding for 6G projects.

Tele2 Latvia 5G data consumption grows

The mobile operator says consumption of mobile data in its 5G network has grown 13x this year.

Latvia auctions more 3.6 GHz band spectrum

An additional 50 MHz has been assigned to local operators Tele2 and LMT.

5G Observatory releases annual stakeholder workshop summary

If you missed the workshop first held on the 26th of October, a summary report is now available for download.

Orange Spain to use 5G for fire prevention

The mobile operator will use a combination of technologies to prevent fires at agricultural sites and warehouses.

4iG promises to boost 5G investment

The Hungarian telecoms firm has signed an agreement the the Government to expand its network.

Netherlands opens up 3.6 GHz band for local 5G networks

Local 5G network permits will be available from December 2023.

Vodafone Germany accelerates 5G deployment near railways

Vodafone says it has built over 225 new mobile masts since the start of the year.

All news in Europe
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