As 5G is gearing up for market deployment, the European 5G Observatory provides updates on all of the latest market developments, including actions being undertaken by the private and public sectors, in the field of 5G. The 5G observatory also delivers an analysis of the strategic implications of the 5G Action Plan and other public policy objectives.

The Observatory focuses on 5G developments in Europe, along with major international developments (USA, Japan, China, South Korea) that could impact the European market.

Latest News in Europe

Ofcom finalizes rules for upcoming 5G spectrum auction

700 MHz and 3.6 GHz to 3.8 GHz frequency bands auction

5G launch by Telenor Norway in March 2020

Telenor plans to light a total of 8,500 base stations throughout the country

The Ofcom consults on exposure to EMF

The regulator published results of a measurement campaign

Three UK 5G launch for smartphone users

5G mobile services were launched on February 14th, 2020 in 65 locations

Finland’s Ministry of Transport and Communications launched a consultation on the 26 GHz frequency band

It plans to organise the auction in summer 2020

Telia Finland launches 5G services

Telia has teamed with Nokia and Huawei to provide 5G services in Helsinki, Oulu, and Vantaa.

5G is really ON in Europe

A total of 15 players have launched commercial 5G services as at year-end 2019

Eir launched commercial 5G services in 10 locations across Ireland

Eir became the second mobile operator to launch a 5G network in Ireland after Vodafone

EE rolls out 5G in 14 more cities

The operator said its 5G NSA network now covers 61% of the London area.

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Latest News outside Europe

Millimetre wave spectrum auction in the US

The FCC announced the conclusion of Auction 103

5G subscriptions in South Korea and China

South Korean telecom operator KT revealed in its earnings statement that the company ended 2019 with a total of 1.42 million 5G subscribers. The telco said that total Capex in 2019 was 3.26 trillion KRW (2.35 billion EUR) and that KRW2.2 trillion (1.59 billion EUR) was attributed to its 5G access network (68% of total […]

Japan’s 5G market alive at the end of March

SoftBank to be first to launch 5G services. Rakuten fully entry to mobile market is expected to trigger price competition

China has released 5G licences for indoor usage and pushes for network sharing

Licensees will share 5G indoor access networks to further support quick 5G deployments.

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