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Vodafone Germany testing energy saving mode on its mobile network

The German operator is testing a “dynamic energy-saving mode” at 100 of its mobile network sites.

Vodafone says the energy-saving mode automatically reduces power levels when the network is only being used by a few users. As soon as demand increases, the network will automatically switch back to full power mode. The company says it has used this technology at night before, but this is the first time it is being tested during the daytime.

Vodafone hopes to expand this technology to other sites in the future. It projects potential energy savings of up to 30,000 kilowatt hours per day and says its customers will not experience a drop in network quality.

“In order for us to get through this crisis together, everyone has to do their part. No matter whether private person or company. Using the dynamic energy-saving mode during the day as well – in such a way that our customers hardly notice it – is a logical extension of our energy efficiency measures,” says Tanja Richter, head of technology at Vodafone.

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