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The first EU 5G initiatives focussed on deployment but now coverage is the key goal. The Digital Decade target is 5G coverage of all populated areas by 2030.

Telefónica says its 5G network covers 30% of Germany’s population

Telefónica Germany, which operates under the brand name O2 says it now operates 10,000 5G antennas in the country.

German government aims for full 5G population coverage by 2030

This goal was unveiled by the Ministry for Digital Affairs and Transport in its new Gigabit strategy plan.

MEO Portugal says its 5G services cover 50% of the population

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The operator says it has invested over €1 billion in its network infrastructure to achieve this coverage level.

China adds 28 million 5G subscribers in January

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Although this is a sizeable increase, many of these new subscribers were already existing customers who have been migrated to a 5G plan.

Rural populations may miss out on the benefits of 5G

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The new 5G Observatory report which has been published today, suggests that an urban-centric 5G rollout may widen the digital divide in the EU.

Commercial 5G services now available in all 27 EU countries

Recent 5G launches in Portugal and Lithuania mark the achievement of a major 5G Action Plan target.

Report: 5G coverage doubles in Europe

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European telcos are also spending more on investment according to the study, yet the continent is still trailing international peers.

Orange plans Spain’s “largest 700 MHz 5G rollout”

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The operator aims to provide services in many villages, a move which it says will tackle the digital divide.

US operators launch mid-band 5G services

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Verizon and AT&T have launched 5G in the c-band after several delays.

Telefonica Germany activates first Open RAN small cells

Telefonica says the new radio cells will support inner city customers with higher capacity.

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