5G auction

Romania completes multi-band auction

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IN : EU Digital Decade

Romania has sold licences in the 700 MHz, 1500 MHz, 2.6 GHz and 3.6 GHz bands, yet 24% of the total spectrum remained unsold.

Estonia completes 700 MHz spectrum auction

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IN : EU Digital Decade

The country has now awarded 2 out of 3 pioneer 5G spectrum bands.

Indian mobile operators begin launching 5G

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Mobile operators Jio and Airtel have begun rolling out 5G in select cities.

Lithuania completes 700 MHz auction

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IN : EU Digital Decade

Lithuanian regulator RRT has now awarded two out of three 5G pioneer bands.

Ireland considering short-term 700 MHz and 2.1 GHz licences

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IN : EU Digital Decade

The Irish regulator ComReg is considering these licences after it was forced to delay its formal auction following legal action.

Lithuania completes 3.6 GHz auction

Lithuanian regulator RRT has confirmed that it has sold all licences on offer in the band.

Estonia completes 3.6 GHz spectrum auction

The Estonian regulator has raised a total of €17.3 million from the award.

5G Observatory releases new July 2022 report

The 5G Observatory has published its latest report which gives readers an overview of 5G developments within the EU and internationally.

Belgium completes 5G spectrum auction

Citymesh Mobile has emerged as a fourth operator in the Belgian market by securing spectrum in all the bands on offer.

Elisa Estonia launches 5G using new 3.6 GHz licence

Elisa says its network will initially be used to offer fixed wireless access (FWA) home and office broadband services.

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