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Swedish Telia teams up with innovative agriculture startup Ekobot

Swedish telecommunication’s company Telia has teamed up with Ekobot, a sustainable farming startup.

The two companies completed a pilot in which Telia’s 5G network was deployed to control and monitor Ekobot’s smart robot on a Swedish farm.

Ekobot’s autonomous robot uses cameras and AI to identify and remove weeds, allowing farmers to automate work and cut their dependence on chemical herbicides. This process requires vast amounts of data, which are analysed in cloud servers. Using 5G in this process can lend itself to be a useful solution.

“For several years now, we have explored how 5G can be deployed in a range of industries, from manufacturing to healthcare. This partnership gives us valuable insights into the exciting world of farming, where technology plays a critical role for sustainable development. We believe the combination of 5G and automation in precision farming has a lot of potential, says Magnus Leonhardt, head of innovation”, Telia Sweden.

The collaboration also involved Swedish research institute and agritech specialist RISE.

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