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IN : 5G commercial launch

Sunrise launches 5G in Switzerland, Swisscom announces its plan

Sunrise 5G network is live in more than 150 cities across Switzerland

In April 2019, Sunrise announced its 5G network is live in more than 150 cities across Switzerland. This is a fixed wireless access service using the 700 MHz and 3.5 GHz bands. First customers are free of charge as an introductory offer. PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones simply connect to the Sunrise Internet Box via Wi-Fi at home or in the office. Its mobile and business mobile users can upgrade to 5G for an additional CHF10 (USD10) per month. 5G mobile data package with unlimited download and priced at CHF59 per month will also be made available for both business and residential subscribers. The company announced that that customers will initially benefit from Internet speeds of several hundred Mbps. And as the rollout of the network continues, bandwidths will continuously reach fiber speeds of 1 Gbps. 5G coverage includes 152 cities, towns and villages across the country, with each location aiming for between 80% and 98% population coverage

Earlier in March, Sunrise, Swisscom and Salt, acquired several frequencies in the auction organized by the Confederation. The auction covered blocks of frequencies within the 700 MHz, 1400 MHz, 2.6 GHz and 3.5 GHz ranges. Swisscom will pay 195.6 million, Sunrise 89.2 million and Salt 94.5 million. Dense Air – a British operator controlled by the US group Airspan – the fourth company to have applied to the auction, didn’t purchased any 5G frequencies.

Swisscom announced plans to offer 5G throughout Switzerland by the end of the year and the first commercial 5G smartphone model which is expected to be available from May. The 5G device comes from the manufacturer Oppo, and will be followed by other brands such as LG (from May), Samsung (from July) and Huawei (third quarter). The service will be available for an additional fee of 10 or 20 Swiss francs (9 and 18 euros) to the 4G monthly subscription.

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