Report: 37% of private mobile network deployments use 5G

A new report published by Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) finds that 5G private networks are growing in popularity, although 59% of private networks use LTE rather than 5G.

The GSA, which represents mobile communications companies has released a report on the state of private mobile networks worldwide. The report finds that a total of 794 organisations have now deployed mobile private networks.

50 equipment vendors are supplying equipment for these networks. Additionally, more than 70 telecom network operators are involved with private network projects.

While the majority of private networks rely on LTE technology, 17% of private networks use both 5G and LTE.

A pie chart showing the percentage of each technology used in private network deployments (Source: GSA)

The GSA says tracking the exact number of private network deployments is difficult as details are often not made public. The organisation has worked with Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia to harmonise definitions of what counts as a private network deployment.

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