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Portugal sees 35% rise in number of 5G base stations

The regulator says there are now nearly 6000 5G base stations in the country.

5G first rolled out in Portugal at the end of 2021. Since then, the country’s regulator ANACOM says it has been tracking rollout progress on a quarterly basis. Key figures announced by the regulator are as follows:

  • The total number of base stations installed has jumped by 35% to 5842.
    • Of this total, the operator NOS has built the most with 2985 base stations
    • Vodafone came second with 1803 base stations
    • and MEO came last with 1054 base stations
  • The number of municipalities with at least one 5G base station grew by 10%
  • The number of parishes with at least one 5G station grew by 28%
A map showing the distribution of 5G base stations by operator (Source: ANACOM)

ANACOM says in total 98% of municipalities in the country now have at least one 5G base station.

Of these municipalities, the vast majority now house base stations from all three operators. However, a total 50 municipalities only have base stations from a single operator.

The number of operators present in each municipality. (Source: ANACOM)

The full data published by ANACOM can be found here.

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