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Nokia to lead EU flagship 6G project

Nokia has announced that it will be the project leader for a new European Commission project called Hexa-X-II.

Together with 44 partners, the new project will create a pre-standardized platform and overall system view for 6G. Nokia says this will form the basis for many inputs into the future of 6G standardisation.

Hexa-X-II will be funded by the European Commission as part of the first call of the Smart Network and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS-JU). Ericsson will take the role of technical manager for the initiative. Orange, TIM SpA, TU Dresden, University of Oulu, IMEC and Atos will also be involved.

Hexa-X-II is the second phase of the European 6G flagship initiative. The first initiative, Hexa-X was also led by Nokia. The goal of both projects is to establish Europe as the leader in 6G.

“In the 6G era, the digital, physical and human worlds will become far more integrated. Our goals must reflect this level of integration and inter-dependency. As billions more people and devices get connected, urbanization intensifies, and we strive to manage the limitations on energy and materials, the role of networks and 6G will only deepen. It is essential that we keep the larger context in mind as we imagine the new network,” says Peter Vetter, President of Nokia’s Bell Labs Core Research.

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