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Nokia to lead 6G project

Nokia will lead a new 6G project funded by the German government called 6G-ANNA.

The equipment vendor says it will collaborate with 29 partners in the project, which aims to drive 6G research and standardization. The project is part of a larger 6G initiative, which has a budget of €700 million to be spent by 2025.

6G-ANNA is worth €27 million and will focus on three key technology areas: 6G access, the network of networks as well as automation and simplification. The project will also develop a proof of concept for 6G use cases including sub-networks, extended reality (XR) and digital twinning.

Nokia says the 6G-ANNA will also work with academia as well as other international 6G projects.

“While the first 6G networks are not expected to be commercially available before 2030, we are already laying the technical foundation with 5G-Advanced, as well as long-term innovation that will drive 6G developments,” says the head of standards at Nokia, Peter Merz.

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