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IN : 5G auctions

Nkom announces results of 700MHz, 2100MHz spectrum auction in Norway

The auctions raised a total of 74.9 million EUR

Norway’s National Communications Authority announced that the sale of spectrum in the 700MHz and 2100MHz bands has come to a successful close just days after the process got underway raising a total of 735.057 million NOK (74.9 million EUR). Licences to use the 700 MHz band are valid for 20 years, while the 2.1 GHz assignments cover a term of 13.5 years.

Telenor and Telia each bid for a 2x10MHz block of spectrum in the 700MHz band, paying 180 million NOK (18.4 million EUR) and 217.8 million NOK (22.4 million EUR) respectively. Ice got the most spectrum. It bid 337.2 million NOK (34.5 million EUR) for two 10 MHz blocks in the 700 MHz band and for two 15 MHz lots in the 2100 MHz band.

All 20-year license holders in the 700 MHz band must provide mobile broadband access to 40% of population within five years. A bill reduction (40 million NOK or 4.1 million EUR) from the total bill was proposed to operators who agreed to coverage obligations. Telia subscribed to this option and secured a block with coverage obligations on “selected railway lines” for 217.8 million NOK (22.3 million EUR). Telenor also took the option and paid 180 million NOK (18.4 million EUR) to cover major including “European roads and the coastal road from Mo i Rana to Bodo”.

More auctions are planned in Norway in the coming months including 3.5 GHz spectrum:

  • 450 MHz (2019 for 2020 activation)
  • 700 MHz SDL (2020)
  • 1500 MHz (2020)
  • 2300 MHz (2020 for 2023 activation)
  • 2600 MHz (2020 for 2023 activation)
  • 3400–3800 MHz (2020 for 2023 activation)
  • 26 GHz (2020 for 2023 activation).
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