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Lithuania completes 700 MHz auction

Lithuanian regulator RRT has now awarded two out of three 5G pioneer bands.

A total of 40 MHz was sold to the country’s three national operators Tele2, Telia and Bite. The 700 MHz band is an important 5G pioneer band.

Bite paid €3 million for 2 x 5 Mhz, while Tele2 paid €3.9 million for its 2 x 5 MHz block. Meanwhile, Telia paid a total of €23 million for 2 x 10 MHz of spectrum. In total, the auction raised €29 million.

“5G will open up wider opportunities for the provision of innovative and advanced services in Lithuania, not only for the population, but also for the industry, business and the public sectors,” says Darius Kuliešius, Member of the RRT Council. “The 700 MHz band is particularly necessary for operators to efficiently cover less populated areas with 5G networks.”

Earlier this month, RRT completed the country’s 3.6 GHz auction. No plans for a 26 GHz band auction have been announced.

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