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Latvia completes 700 MHz auction

Latvia’s Public Utilities Commission (SPRK) has named the winners of the country’s low-band auction.

All of Latvia’s incumbent mobile operators won the spectrum in the auction, which took place in December 2021. The 700 MHz band is one of the 5G pioneer bands identified by the European Commission.

Three paired 2 x 10 MHz lots and two unpaired lots of 10 MHz were made available.

LMT paid €3.5 million for a paired licence while Tele2 acquired a license just under €2.5 million. Bite paid a total of €2.8 million for its paired license.

As for the unpaired lots, only LMT and Tele2 took part in the bidding. Both firms paid €2.2 million for their licenses.

Licences for paired spectrum last 20 years, while unpaired licences will be valid for 17 years. You can read the full results here.

SPRK hailed the auction as a success, saying that users in less populated areas would benefit the most given the propagation characteristics of the band.

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