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EU telcos say streaming companies should make “fair contribution” to 5G network investment

The comments relate to a wider political debate about whether the “over-the-top” players which generate so much network traffic should contribute to network costs.

The European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ecta) has published a statement on the subject of a suggested “fair contribution” by the largest providers of internet-based streaming services to network investment in Gigabit connectivity and 5G wireless networks.

The organisation says its members have investment rates around or above 30% CAPEX to revenue so make a very large contribution to achieving the Digital Decade targets.

In the statement, ecta urges that the “fair contribution” debate is not about deregulation of the telecoms sector and asks to respect Europe’s Open Internet principles.

“Any rule-making should follow the established European regulatory approach in being built on a foundation of sound and technical and economic analysis and findings, open consultation on any tangible proposals, with transparent opportunity for stakeholder input and debate,” states ecta. Read the full statement here.

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