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eir reaches 70% of the population in Ireland with 5G

The company also claimed to be the largest 5G network in the country.

Irish telco eir has announced that its 5G network is now available to more than 70% of the population of Ireland.

eir began building its 5G network in October 2019 and now covers 336 towns and cities across 1110 sites.

The company also boast a 4G network that covers more than 99% of the geography of Ireland.

eir CEO Carolan Lennon said: “at eir our purpose is to connect for a better Ireland, and we do this by building world class communication infrastructure. Infrastructure which has become utterly essential to all parts of our lives as staying connected is more important now than ever.”

We are extremely proud of the rapid progress we have achieved in building Ireland’s largest, and best available 5G network in just under two years.”

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