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IN : 5G commercial launch

Deutsche Telekom to launch 5G in 14 other German cities this year, update on Vodafone and Telefonica

By the end of 2020, the number of 5G sites is expected to climb to nearly 1,500

Deutsche Telekom expects to deploy 5G technology in 14 additional cities this year to reach its goal of covering at least 20 of the largest German cities by the end of 2020. Currently, Telekom’s 5G network is available in Berlin, Bonn, Darmstadt, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Leipzig.

The operator expected to end 2019 with a total of 450 5G base stations across the country. By the end of 2020, the number of 5G sites is expected to climb to nearly 1,500.

DT announced it is using Dynamic Spectrum Sharing in its commercial network. The radio band is then no longer used by just one mobile communications standard but can be split between LTE and 5G according to demand.

Deutsche Telekom switched on its 5G network on September 5, 2019, in five German cities: Berlin, Bonn, Cologne, Darmstadt, and Munich. The company announced that the network was using 129 5G antennae across the country, 66 of them in Berlin, with bandwidths of 1 Gbps.

Rival carrier Vodafone announced plans to roll out 5G network in 25 cities, 25 municipalities and 10 industrial parks across Germany by the end of 2019. It is aiming to reach 10 million people with 5G by the end of 2020, rising to 20 million by the end of 2021.

Telefonica Deutschland selected Nokia and Huawei as the vendors for the deployment of its 5G network. Plans are that Nokia and Huawei would build the Telefonica Deutschland 5G Radio Access Network on a 50-50 basis. The operator said it expected to have a commercial 5G network in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt by the end of 2021. A year later, 30 cities with a population of 16 million would be covered by the new technology.

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