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IN : 5G trials

Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson demonstrated a high speed 5G connection in Athens

Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson demonstrated a 40Gbps data transmission rate with ultra-low latency in the E-band spectrum of mmWaves

Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson’s live 5G demonstration achieved an ultra-low latency connection with fiber-like results over a wireless backhaul (5G X-Haul Solution).  This joint innovation project took place in Deutsche Telekom Service Center in Athens and used Ericsson’s mobile transport technologies, including the MINI-LINK 6352 microwave solution and Router 6000.

The demonstration achieved a data transmission rate of 40Gps and a round-trip latency below 100 microseconds over a hop distance of 1.4 kilometres using the E-band (60-90GHz) spectrum of mmWaves.

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