Deutsche Telekom: 5G network now has over 5,000 antennas in 3.6 GHz

The German operator also says their 5G services are available in over 200 cities.

Deutsche Telekom says it is accelerating its high-speed 5G network with around 350 new sites added in recent weeks.

The operator is relying on the 3.6 GHz band for its 5G network, which it says will offer speeds up to one gigabit per second download.

Several new cities are now covered by the operator, including Dülmen, Soltau and Freising. Deutsche Telekom says it is also working on improving coverage in larger cities such as Cologne and Berlin.

Deutsche Telekom says new sites will support 5G standalone technology. This means they do not rely on 4G LTE technology for the core network. This in turn results in reduced latency and the ability to implement new technologies such as network slicing.

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