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IN : 5G auctions

Denmark completes auction of the 700 MHz band

The auction of 700, 900 and 2,300 MHz bands raised a total of EUR 296 million

The Danish Energy Agency announced that Denmark has completed its auction, which started on February 19, of the 700, 900 and 2,300 MHz bands, raising a total of DKK 2.21 billion (EUR 296 million). For what concern the spectrum in the 700 MHz band, the frequency will be available for use from April 4 2020 and the licenses’ duration is 20 years.

3 Denmark acquired 2×10 MHz, TT Network, joint venture of Telia and Telenor, acquired 2×5 MHz for DKK 107.6 million (EUR 14.4 million) and finally, TDC took 2×15 MHz and another 20 MHz in the supplemental downlink of the 700 MHz band.

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