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Croatia completes 5G spectrum auction

Croatia’s has completed its 5G spectrum auction, raising a total of HRK 359 million (€47.9 million).

The countries three national operators, Telemach Hrvatska, Hrvatski Telecom and A1 Hrvatska acquired national licenses across three bands.

Each of the three national operators won a 2 x 10 MHz block in the 700 MHz band, paying a total of HRK 140 million (€18.7 million) for their licences.

Hrvatska and A1 Hrvatska each gained 100 MHz in the 3.5 GHz band, while Hrvatski Telekom gained 120 MHz. The national licences sold for a total of HRK 174.1 million (€23.2 million).

Finally, in the 26 GHz band, Telemach Hrvatska, A1 Hrvatska and Italian fixed wireless access provider EOLO, each acquired licences for 200 MHz of spectrum. EOLO and A1 Hrvatska both paid the reserve price of HRK 7.5 million (€1 million) while Telemach paid HRK 7.7 million (€1.03 million). Hrvatski Telekom bought 400 MHz of the band for HRK 15 million (€2 million).

The regulator also raised HRK 7.175 million (€0.96 million) from its sale of regional 3.5 GHz band licences. Companies that won spectrum at 3410—3420 MHz gained free access to 3400—3410 MHz.

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