Apple reveals new budget iPhone with 5G

The third-generation iPhone SE model is the first low-cost iPhone to support 5G.

Like its more expensive counterpart, the iPhone SE will support 5G in sub-6 GHz bands. However, mmWave bands such as 26 GHz will not be supported by this new model.

The new iPad Air model which Apple unveiled at the same event, will also support 5G in the same bands.

In the past, Apple adding support for new mobile technology has led to an increase in adoption. When Apple added 4G support to its devices in 2012, carriers like China Mobile saw a significant rise in 4G users.

The iPhone 12 which was released in 2020 was the first Apple device to support 5G.

The Apple SE will cost $429 in the United States and around €529 in European countries. Other features include an improved processor, better battery life and an improved camera system.

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