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5G spectrum costs in Europe 10% lower than 4G

New data from Analysys Mason predicts that mobile operators in Europe will pay a total of €34.8bn for 5G spectrum.

Rupert Wood, research director at consulting firm Analysys Mason, presented these findings at a recent Webinar discussing the new State of Digital 2022 ETNO report.

European operators have so far spent €24.7bn on 5G spectrum. The consulting firm predicts they will spend a further €10.1bn.

The money spent on 5G spectrum will be 10% less than that spent on 4G spectrum and 70% less than 3G spectrum, the firm says. Operators paid a total of €39.2bn for 4G spectrum and €109.7m on 3G spectrum auctions.

Their analysis includes non-EU countries such as Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.

5G spectrum cost compared to 3G and 4G (Source: Analysys Mason)

This decrease in spectrum costs is notable considering the recommendations made by the European Commission’s 2020 Connectivity Toolbox. This initiative encouraged Member States to avoid revenue maximization in spectrum auctions.

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