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5G Observatory releases October 2021 quarterly report

The 5G Observatory has published its 13th quarterly report, which covers all the latest developments towards EU 5G targets and policies, as well as international trends. The report is available for download here.

This report is the first to be produced by a consortium of three companies VVA, PolicyTracker and LS Telcom. It marks the third phase of the 5G Observatory.

The 5G Observatory was initially created in 2018 to monitor the deployment of 5G and assess movement towards policy goals set out in the 5G Action Plan. Since most of these goals have now been achieved, the third phase of the project will focus on EU policy goals contained within the Digital Decade initiative and the 5G Security Toolbox

These policy goals include:

  • 5G coverage of all populated areas by 2030
  • Pan-European deployment of 5G corridors
  • Multi-country 5G initiatives
  • Enabling 5G at the core of new manufacturing processes and business models
  • Leveraging EU recovery funds for 5G projects
  • Improving the security of 5G networks
  • Limiting any dependency on a single 5G vendor
  • Stimulating the EU’s capabilities as a 5G equipment manufacturer

As well as monitoring the progress towards these policy goals in this report, we will also be covering related developments in the news section of our website. This includes coverage of 5G verticals, as well as new technologies such as network slicing and Open RAN.

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