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5G Observatory releases latest quarterly report ahead of workshop on 20th October

The 5G Observatory has published its latest report on the state of 5G developments in the European Union. Its findings will be discussed in an online workshop next week.

The 17th quarterly report covers all the latest developments towards EU 5G targets and policies, as well as international trends. It can be downloaded here. The report covers recent spectrum auctions in Estonia and Lithuania as well as developments regarding private networks and new technologies enabled by standalone 5G.

Report 17 also features an editorial which considers how European 5G coverage targets can be measured. This editorial asks if it is necessary to achieve “optimal 5G” in the entirety of the European Union, considering the high cost of mid-band deployment.

In addition to the newly published report, the updated interactive 5G Observatory scoreboard is also available on the website. The European scoreboard can be found here, and the international scoreboard can be found here.

Next week, the annual 5G Observatory workshop will take place online on Thursday, 20th October between 10:30 – 13:30. During the event, the consortium team will present the findings of the latest quarterly report. The event will also be an opportunity to exchange views on the current state of play of 5G deployment, the latest market trends and global developments.

The session will concentrate on topics such as the main investment trends (including regional comparison), how to monitor 5G deployment for policymaking, and the market expectations on the tracking of quality service.

An agenda for the upcoming workshop can be found here. Further information, as well as registration can be found here.

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