5G performance

As no 5G commercial services have have yet been launched, below are the technical 5G performance requirements set by the ITU-R in its ITU-R M.2410-0 report released in November 2017

    • The minimum requirements for downlink peak data rate: 20 Gbps
    • The minimum requirements for uplink peak data rate: 10 Gbps
    • Target downlink “user experienced data rate”: 100 Mbps
    • Target uplink “user experienced data rate”: 50 Mbps
    • Downlink peak spectral efficiency is 30 bps/Hz
    • Uplink peak spectral efficiency: 15 bps/Hz
    • Minimum requirement for user plane latency for eMBB: 4ms
    • Minimum requirement for user plane latency for uRLLC: 1ms
    • Minimum requirement for control plane latency: 20ms
    • A lower control plane latency of around 10 ms is encouraged though
    • Minimum requirement for connection density: 1 million devices per km2.
    • Requirement for bandwidth: at least 100 MHz
    • Bandwidths up to 1 GHz are required for higher frequencies (above 6 GHz)
      • Four classes of mobility defined:
      • Stationary: 0 km/h
      • Pedestrian: 0km/h to 10 km/h
      • Vehicular: 10km/h to 120 km/h
      • High-speed vehicular: 120 km/h to 500 km/h

Latest News in Europe

700 MHz auction results in Sweden

PTS announced results for the first stage of its 700 MHz spectrum auction for 5G

Agreement signed to strengthen cooperation in cybersecurity and 5G

Representatives of the ECSO and the 5G IA have committed to working together to create a secure and trustworthy 5G communication network in Europe.

11 5G projects in the UK

6.85 billion GBP for full fibre and 5G upgrades by 2021

Important progress on roadmaps

Best practices and common elements for national 5G strategies reported by the European Commission

The BundesNetzAgentur released 5G auction final conditions

The BundesNetzAgentur released 5G auction draft conditions awaiting final validation in November 26, 2018.

5G in the UK: EE expands 5G trials while 3 UK reveals a £2 billion investment plan

EE announced the opening of nine sites for 5G NR trials, and 3 UK announced an investment plan for the development and commercial launch of 5G services

700MHz auctions planned for 2019 in Spain and Belgium

The frequency band will be gradually released for 5G applications by March 2020 in Spain

Vodafone announced its 5G partners in Germany

Vodafone Germany partners up with Deutsche Bahn and automobile firms for the first 5G mast in the country.

ARCEP consultation: 5G and Innovation

ARCEP launched a public consultation on 5G spectrum allocation methods and conditions

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